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I am committed to help you find the tools to heal.  

I provide a humanistic approach using eclectic theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with a touch of narrative. I specialize in complex trauma, addiction, anxiety, attachment, and depression. I have worked with many populations that have otherwise been shunned by society and felt that they had no recourse to heal. I am committed to connecting with you and helping you resolve the underlying issues that delay growth. Together we will help to identify your resilience, strengths, and purpose to meet you with your best self.



I have an extensive background in community mental health for the last 25 years. I have worked in multiple capacities throughout the Bay Area providing services in clinics and the local Psychiatric Emergency Hospital in an administrative capacity. At one point in my career I was motivated by my own self-discovery to try to give back and change the trajectory from administrative to psychology. Since that moment, I have never looked back. I believe that connection is the anchor in which we can start the journey towards understanding self-actualization, self-concept, peak experiences, and finding your hierarchy of needs. 

Psychology Session

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Paradise Adolescent Home, Inc.

March 2023-April 2023

Paradise Adolescent Home, Inc is a short-term residential treatment (STRTP) center providing enhanced therapeutic services to foster youth who are abused and neglected at-risk teenage girls. The program provides a structure range of services that specialize is trauma informed care. Additionally, therapeutic support that I provided included areas such as sexual victimization, domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, ADD/ADHD, and conduct disorder to name a few.

Elda Transitional House

July 2022-September 2022

Elda Transitional House is a men’s transition housing and treatment location for men coming out of prison from violent and sexual assault crimes. Elda provides men with support around mental health and substance abuse related issues. I ran groups daily that included different evidence-based treatment modalities. Also, provided individual therapy using different interventions including CBT and DBT, anger management, and narrative therapy. 

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Child Psycholgist

Masters Practicum Trainee

Discovery House Residential Treatment Center

July 2021 - June 2022

Discovery House Residential Treatment Center operates 24 hour per day, seven day per week social model environments that require a minimum of 40 hours per week of counseling and/or structured therapeutic activities such as consciousness raising, twelve steps, stress management, poly-drug education, relapse prevention and planning groups. Treatment includes assessment, development and monitoring of individualized treatment and discharge plans, AIDS, and STD education, required attendance to AA and NA groups, vocational counseling, job search, and employment referrals. While at Discovery House, I provided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Disorder, Mindfulness, and the Matrix Curriculum Groups. Additionally, I treated both couples and families that needed support with their loved ones. 

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Mountain Peak

Masters Practicum Trainee

Contra Costa County Health Housing and Homeless Services

February 2021- July 2021

Contra Costa County Health Housing and Homeless services has accelerated efforts to provide shelter for people living without housing. This is a project that creates a new interim housing option that allows for a greater degree of privacy and flexibility in household configurations with the critical services and supports that are needed to regain permanent housing. Services includes case management, housing navigation services, meals and a robust peer support program, among other services while living at motels that in are in and managed by Contra Costa County. While at the motels, I worked with moderate to severe mentally ill adults with varying diagnoses, conduct individual therapy (including communication, goals, and mindfulness), conduct risk assessment, and engage in safety planning. 

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